David's Story

David Stotesbury

It all started for David in the spring of 2010, after ‘bumping’ into the University of Guelph’s Honey Bee Research Center’s hives during his first year of school there.

Honey Bee Research Centre

Quickly becoming fascinated with the insects, he volunteered, took a course, applied to the HBRC, and began working as a beekeeper under Paul Kelly.

David Jones

Eventually, wanting to keep his own bees, David struck a deal with David Jones and began Beekeeping It Real in 2011.

Dave + Bees

During the winter of 2012, David, wanting to learn and experience more, took off for New Zealand and worked for Betta Bees, a honey bee breeding program.

Dave and Colleen

In the fall of 2014, David married Colleen who has been a huge supporter of the beekeeping and has even been known to occasionally help out!

Dave + Hives

What started off as a fascination has become…somewhat of an obsession. David now keeps the majority of his hives in Elmira and his hometown of Ayr.